I would like to know the “Best Time of Year to Cruise Alaska”.

When is the best time of year to cruise Alaska is a question that is often asked, and why not? You will have planned for a long time and want a good holiday. The answer, as with all things in life, depends. It depends on your priorities and what is important to you.

The weather has a large influence on your Alaska cruise holiday and the best time of year to Cruise Alaska if you want warmer weather is between May and September. This is the high season and in particular the months of June and July will give the longest and warmest days. The longer days mean that you can anticipate being more land-based excursions and have the opportunity to see more wildlife at its most active.

If getting a bargain cruise is your priority then the best time of year to Cruise Alaska would be in May or in September, these are referred to as the shoulder seasons. During these months and the cruise companies are repositioning their ships from the Caribbean and the number of bookings is lower. In addition to a lower standard booking charge you could actually get a very good bargain by taking a one-way repositioning cruise, joining the ship in say the Caribbean and ending your cruise in the waters off Alaska.

These months are also good times to travel for wildlife lovers. In the spring Alaska is alive with wild flowers blooming and the wildlife becoming active from its long winter sleep. The whole landscape is vibrant with a buzz of activity, exuding energy at every turn. In the …

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Small Boat Alaska Cruises can give you the opportunity to have a bepoke cruise to Alaska, catering for your needs and delivered in the way that you want. The typical large boat Alaska cruise has 3000 people on board and as a result tends to deliver an an itinerary suited to the average person’s choice. You may have visited and cruised Alaskan waters but you may find that you have not experienced Alaska on such a large boat cruise. One immediate benefit is that you will find that your room has a porthole overlooking the sea so that you can see the Alaskan visage and sights outside. The majority of rooms on large cruise ships are on the inside of the boat without an external view unless you pay for a suite or stateroom at an additional cost.

Having made the decision to cruise Alaska you will want to ensure that you get an experience to remember. The background is set, and snow topped maintains, dramatic glaciers and the rugged environment laid out in front of you displaying a wide range of colours from the meadows, through the forests and lakes and up to the granite slabs. Onto this you want to paint the detail with the wildlife, the sounds and the experiences flowing from each of the day trips you do whether these are boat excursions or trips to the land. A small boat Alaska cruise will allow you to define the holiday and experience that you want.

In selecting an Alaskan small boat cruise company check out how responsive they are to you all needs and requirements. You should find that the cruise provider is very happy to …

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If you take an Alaska Cruise as your next holiday you can be assured of a holiday of a lifetime. Alaska features extensive forests, picturesque snow topped mountain ranges, breathtaking shorelines and costs, living glaciers and of course a preponderance of natural wildlife. Despite its remoteness Alaska has been actively inhabited for a while and the settlements and towns are full of history waiting to be discovered by the next tourist or visitor.

Winter takes a heavy toll on the land and restricts movement, hence Ship cruises start with the onset of the summer. Your starting point will be a large port such as Seattle in Washington State, USA, or Vancouver if you want to start from a Canadian port. Influenced by the kinder weather the peak tourist season is typically from May through to September.

Most Alaska cruise passengers take a one week cruise and visits the major tourist hot spots of Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan and Sitka whilst meandering along the Alaskan coastline and through a feature called the Indian Passageway. Each of these stops has a different history to offer and they all have different attractions without competing with each other. Extended cruises or ones with a more varied itinerary may also include visits to Prince William Sound near the capital Anchorage and even go as far as the Bearing Sea. If you do take an extended tour you may find that this is a one way trip and your return journey will be completed by air or rail due to the distances involved.

Visiting ports and towns is only part of the cruise experience. Whilst on the water you may be lucky enough to see whales passing …

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Many people consider that an Alaska cruises for seniors are off the menu, that seniors do not travel very much and they have limitations on the travel that they can indulge in. How wrong they can be. It is true that many seniors had to be careful of their health and need to be cautious about exerting themselves to the limit but they do have many advantages over desk bound workers. Two obvious benefits are free time to take vacations when they want and higher levels of disposable income than at many times in their life. In these circumstances Alaska Cruise can be perfect.

Alaska Cruise ships are safe, and they are floating towns which are well run and secure. They doctors surgery and even an operating theatre are standard features in most modern cruise liners. If you have any pre-existing health issues and need to take regular medications then these can be advised to the on board doctor in advance and they will be able to confirm that they are acquainted with your condition and are able to support you, should problems arise, throughout the voyage. Also the on board team, which often include therapists and physical activity coordinators, will be able to advise you of which activities are safe for you to do, taking into account any medical requirements, and which of the more strenuous activities you should avoid.

We are not aware of any specialist Alaska cruises for seniors and it is therefore important that you do your own research before booking a cruise from the established cruise companies. You will want to travel with a well-known and experienced company such as Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean …

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Alaska Glacier Cruise Tips

Alaska is really a special place it has been pronounced that the folks who selected to reside in Alaska try to run off from something and sidestep it or that these individuals try to get as far away from society as they probably can. Alaska is still unquestionably probably the most beautiful states within the USA. The spectacular mountains the snow and ocean power make some individuals come visit Alaska to see and experience it first hand you might be startled to learn how many people choose Alaska as the holiday destination.

This place is chosen as a result of its different from anything else it really is in contrast to any different state in the U.S. and actually it is exclusive to anywhere else within the world.

Some people who experienced the close contact with the Alaska glacier will tell you that it usually is an experience not like any dissimilar and that the visit to your glacier is a close look at something amazing most of the people who just looked at a glacier form far away usually are not alert to this since they have not seen the glacier from that close it is really a once in a lifetime experience. The numbers talk for themselves as many travelers to Alaska as flocking to the Alaska glacier cruise.

Unfortunately the weather situations and a few brand new menaces are making the glaciers something that must be seen now and never something that we may assume will always be there for us to go to the global warming effect is just beginning to claim a very severe toll on the glaciers and since of …

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What are the best Alaska cruise clothes, what should I wear on an Alaskan cruise and what do you pack when cruising Alaska are common questions that first time holidays vacationers have when cruising to Alaska. Part of the answer depends upon what time of you travel and what you intend to do. Weather plays an important part in planning and Alaska trip as the conditions can be extreme although most Alaskan cruises are taken between May and September when the conditions are more favourable. The activities you intend to anticipate in also played an important part, spending every day on the ship will result in different clothing requirements from someone who intends to participate in a large number of land-based excursions to see the Alaskan wildlife.

In the summer the daytime temperature can range from 40F up to a more acceptable than 70F in the main part of the day, at night-time the temperature will drop perhaps down to 30F and this wide range in temperature variation means that you should pack in several layers of clothing. Whilst you will get many days of sunshine there will be times when you experience rain and should therefore pack waterproof clothing unless you intend to retreat to the safety of the inside of the ship on each occasion that a cloud appears.

On board a ship in the standard daytime clothing for an Alaska cruise would be casual wear and jeans with sweaters, and T-shirts and low heeled shoes would be acceptable. Of course pack the standard activity and clothing so that you can go swimming and remember your electronic gadgets and whether they be digital cameras or games consoles.

In …

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Considering your first Alaska Cruise. Looking forward to cruising those Alaskan waters but don’t know what all those nautical and cruising terms mean?

Do not worry, below we have listed a Glossary for the most common Alaskan Cruise terms.

Aft – The back of the ship
Ahead – located in front of the ship’s bow
Amidships – Toward the middle of the ship (also midship)
Ashore – On land
Astern – Behind the ship
Beam – Widest part of the ship
Bearing – Compass point direction into which the ship is headed
Below – Anything beneath the main deck
Berth – A bed; also a space to anchor or moor (tie up) the ship
Bilge – Lowest inner part of the ship’s hull
Blast – Sound of the ship’s horn
Bow – Front of the ship
Bridge – Place where the Captain and Officers control the ship
Bulkhead – Any wall aboard the ship
Buoy – A floating marker moored to the bottom of the sea or tied to an anchor
Cabin – A passenger guestroom; also called a stateroom
Cast Off – To release the lines that tie the ship to the pier
Chart – A nautical map to guide the ship
CLIA – Cruise Line International Association
Come about – Turn the ship around
Course – Direction in which the ship is headed
Davit – Device for raising and lowering the lifeboats
Deck – Floor or level
Disembark – to leave the ship (also Debark)
Dock – Where the ship is tied up; the landing wharf or pier
Draft – Measure of the space between the bottom of the ship & the water surface
Embark – To …

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If you have booked an Alaska cruise vacation then you are in for a wonderful holiday and will bring back a mountain of memories. Alaska is like no other holiday destination. It is part of the United States but apart from it. It has a very large land area but a small number of people live there. It is on the raw edge of nature and has a climate to challenge but also show off nature at its best. 

An Alaska cruise gives you access to this wild land and also offers the comfort and safety of a modern cruise liner. You can choose to partake in nature and take a tour from the ship when you want and at other times you can just observe nature from the boat or take a small motor boat to observe the sea creatures and whales close up.

To make the most of your Alaska cruise vacation and ensure you can relax without a thought about your normal pursuits first make sure that your home has been secured and a trusted neighbour will be checking it out whilst you are on holiday. Also ensure that relatives can contact you in an emergency although take care to prevent work colleagues making just that one last contact to discuss some element of work which they find so important.

If you are an outdoorsman then your Alaska cruise will meet all your needs. Wildlife is in abundance and there are many forms of fishing on clean under worked lakes. Recommended fishing activities include halibut and of course salmon and your cruise tour organiser should have information on how you can be booked onto these excursions.

If …

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Alaska Cruise Ship holidays are becoming very popular and frequented by large numbers of people. Many, many of these have the holiday of a lifetime however a small number of people are unfortunate enough to experience crime on board. This is not specific to an Alaska cruise but is more influenced by the cruise ship environment. Cruise ships are inherently safe and secure, however when you have a large number of people involved eventually a few will experience a problem.

As with any type of holiday, land based or cruise ship, you should take certain precautions and make preparations to avoid being a victim of some unhappy situation. The cruise companies themselves offer guidance, unfortunately many people do not take the simple steps advised.

Your first precautions should start even before you have embarked on the holiday. An Alaska Cruise vacation may take several weeks and you will be away from home for that time, make sure your property is secure and and that a neighbor will look in regularly to make sure that everything is safe. Also, as you will be traveling in international waters and to Alaska, make sure that you have an up-to-date passport and that any travel documents or insurance are to hand. Prepare duplicates of all these important documents to take with you, they will help in obtaining a replacement should you lose an item whilst on board ship. Review any expensive items and valuables that you are proposing to take with you, do you really need these? Expensive jewelery will be safer locked at home in a safe rather than taken with you on a holiday.

On board the Alaska Cruise Ship you should …

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Poker Cruises to Alaska and give you the opportunity to combine a holiday with your favourite activity. When you are a hardened, experienced poker player or a novice looking to improve your understanding of the game you will find that an Alaskan poker cruise will provide you with a good value experience. Most of the major cruise lines and the small shipping Alaska cruise lines are starting to offer poker cruises and there is a wide choice to look for. Poker cruises are also sponsored and promoted by the major online poker companies bringing more variety and larger pots.

The first thing to consider is the accommodation you want for the cruise. Whilst it may be your intent to spend most of the time and the poker table you will find that the type of accommodation you book can influence the facilities made available to you on the cruise. Some times of accommodation, such as a sweet, and will have preferential boarding privileges meaning that you can get straight on board without waiting. A larger suite will also give you more space to relax in when you have finished the day and allow you to recharge your batteries before you return to the activity the next day.

Some Poker Cruises to Alaska are better suited to families travelling where the parents are the poker players and the children need to be entertained during the day. You want to be able to concentrate on your hands rather than be interrupted by agitated children who have no activities to entertain them. Remember, and you probably want to return to a poker cruise next year and you will need to ensure that your …

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